Vintage 1930‘s Plastics 
(Some Possibly Unidentified Colts)

    These are all new old stock (NOS) buttons from the 1930’s. Some Colt buttons have been identified that were grouped with this large group, and many of these have the typical knockout marks and other indicators that hint at being Colts. I only list the ones as Colts on my other page that have absolutely been verified and have a number assigned to them. Some here look like ones that have been identified, but haven’t been verified yet.  I am not an expert in Colt buttons, so I consult an expert when I’m not sure about the identity of a Colt. 

    If you find some buttons that you want to order, please email me with the number and description at  I will send you an invoice through Paypal, or I will accept Money Orders, and Credit cards by phone. When you send your email order, include your phone number if you will be using a credit card, and I will call you to complete the credit card process.